Monday, July 20, 2015

Duty as a concept of good solely for duty's sake is not always good for preservation of ones self, nation, state, or country. Fulfilling ones own personal duty of self-preservation through mental and physical strength is what helps preserve ones person. As each individual improves ones own total mental and physical strength, the nation as a whole may also improve and be preserved.

Decadence, pity, and antagonism destroys ones self. It is good for ones own enhancement and preservation to rid ones self of decadence, pity, and antagonism (self-destructive qualities) while nurturing the constructive qualities in a manner that enhances cognitive and physical vitality (self-preservation qualities). Thus it is important, when possible, to remove the relentlessly threatening or antagonistic forces from ones area of existence or social environment using reasonably appropriate methods.

When conceptualizing ones own duty, it is helpful to describe it for ones self before blindly accepting another's duty completely as your own. Perhaps, those with similar personal duties may enhance each others fulfillment of their duties as they mutually define, describe, specify, and agree.